Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We’ve all got our favourite models, and this Dinky Toys Fab Five is the first of a series that will span the whole world of scale miniatures, from diecasts to plastic kits. So, here we go - Mr J’s nostalgic starter quintet from Dinky’s ‘Golden Era’:

1 Euclid Dump Truck
A bright yellow ‘Tonka Toy’ type of offering, long before TTs became a household name. Like its namesake, tough as old boots, and ideal for hard work in the sandpit.
2 Cadillac convertible
My dear old Mum loved big Yanks, and so do I. Mine was in powder-puff blue, with red upholstery.
3 Carrimore Car Transporter
The box showed several same-colour Austin Somerset cars being driven aboard - all I had was a ramshackle mixture of dented vehicles. Nice offering, though let down somewhat by the tinplate ramp for loading the top deck, and soon outclassed by Corgi’s superior offering.
4 Bedford Duple Observation Coach
I lost my copy of this on a beach ‘somewhere in Cornwall’. Had to wait until my 40s before replacing it! I’ve never seen one in the flesh, though it had the same appeal as the panoramic ‘dome cars’ on US railroads.
5 Mighty Antar Tank Transporter
I loved my Centurion tank, and the Mighty Antar became a necessity when warfare broke out in the back garden. Beautifully made and still in good condition. These days, I’d probably go for a US Dragon Wagon, from the same era.

Right, that’s my starter Fab Five set - any choices out there?