Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Here’s a bizarre little miniature cannon that actually fires solid rounds the size of a ball-bearing. That doesn’t sound a deadly danger, but watch the video to see what the little thing can actually do - Coke can, beer mug, balloon, they all die in the face of its firepower. And note the recoil too - that's quite a kick from a few grains of powder.

One-off homebuilt weapon
Now this is not a kit that you can can buy from your local model store - the thimble-size cannon is a one-off. In fact, in many countries you might need a weapons certificate to own one, which is probably just as well, though it certainly takes this writer back to those misspent early teen years spent creating small-scale mayhem with flame, fireworks, old Airfix kits and water!

Death to computers?
The video makes good viewing, though the cameraman was a bit brave (or foolish) doing the demo quite so near his computer - you wouldn’t find the SMN crew endangering a MacBook Pro the same way!

Meantime, for firepower lovers, there are some interesting (non-lethal) howitzer kits to investigate below.

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