Monday, April 20, 2009

Countdown to launch the world’s biggest model rocket

If all goes well, this coming Saturday 25 April will mark the launch of the world’s biggest model rocket, in Maryland, USA, where rocketeer Steve Eves has built a huge 1:10 scale Apollo Saturn V. It stands some 11 m (36 ft) tall, and is powered by no less than nine motors, which should thrust the craft more than 1 km (3-4000 ft) into the air. Then the rocket will separate into various sections, which should float down safely under individual parachutes.

The giant model hasn't come cheap. Builder Steve has taken about 1500 hours on the rocket and spent some $25,000 USD (£17,000 GBP), though various sponsors have also chipped in with time, money, and talent. If the launch at Higgs Farm succeeds, Steve will have earned himself a place in the history books for flying the biggest model rocket ever made. Good luck from all of us at SMN, Steve!

You can find out more at Rocketry Planet.