Thursday, April 16, 2009

Supersize creature atop a retro-tech clock

If the Thunderbirds vehicles maxed up modelmaking to 1:1 scale, then this amazing retro-tech clock in the university town of Cambridge takes things even further. By my calculations, the beautifully-made metal ‘grasshopper’ on the clock is about 25:1 scale! Note that the critter is not strictly a life-like model - it’s actually a fantasy-style ‘Chronophage’ or time-eater.

The circular clock face is gold-plated, and encircled with a whirl of blue LEDs that mark the seconds. At various times, the whole thing, Chronophage and all, does an impressive back-flip before catching up with itself, and time, again.

All in all, the clock is an amazing fusion of concept, tech and skilled craftsmanship – the Chronophage was made by sculptor Matthew Sanderson, and the whole thing conceived by John C. Taylor. if you live within reach of Cambridge just go RIGHT NOW to gawp and be mightily impressed.

The video shows Taylor’s take on his concept, and is well worth watching.