Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tasty diorama makes a great display

Nice as a model car may be, there’s nothing like a diorama to set it off nicely. Dioramas are not limited to scale either, except that they do take up quite a bit of room at bigger scales, like 1:18. However, that’s true of the cars as well, hence the popularity of 1:43 as a near-universal size that fits most collector’s shelves.

You can make your own diorama easily enough, and populate it with figures to give a good idea of the real thing’s true size. But there are also companies out there who make ready-made dioramas, as well as the bits and pieces to put in them.

One of these is the US GMP Diecast company, which has a nice range of ready-built dioramas, including the particularly attractive item shown here. GMP also sells figures, such as the sheriff, and nicely detailed racing car tool sets. You can visit GMP here.