Saturday, May 30, 2009


Airfix has scored a success with its Limited Edition 1:48 scale BAC TSR-2 strike bomber kit, and now it’s Corgi’s turn, with a 1:72 scale TSR-2 for the diecast market. The model is not expected before November 2009, but pre-orders are being taken for an announced first edition of ‘less than 2000’. This model will represent the only TSR-2 that actually flew.

The real thing was cancelled in the 1960s, despite highly successful test flights. Ironically, the F-111s ordered to replace it were themselves cancelled a few years later. Today, many British air enthusiasts wish that politicians of the day had been fitted with concrete boots and left on a beach at low tide.

Whatever, it’s likely that the Corgi TSR-2 will maintain the high standards of the rest of the Aviation Archive range, and it’ll be a biggie - the fuselage will measure nearly 15 in (380 mm) in length.

Prices vary, but The Modeller website gives a decent pre-order discount, selling the TSR-2 at £70.54 GBP ($112.00 USD). You can visit the site here.