Sunday, May 31, 2009


The A-10 Thunderbolt II is a firm favourite with both its pilots and the scale model fraternity. There are A-10 kits aplenty in most scales, and there isn’t a really bad one amongst them. However, there’s no kit out there that can’t be improved with a spot of super-detailing and plenty of TLC.

With that in mind, Italeri has come up with a set of detail parts for 1:48 scale builders. Metal frets and cockpit details are supplied, as are engine details and - nicest of all - a model in its own right of THAT gun, the GAU8/A Avenger Gatling weapon, which can chuck out some 3900 coke-bottle sized rounds per minute. The gun is supplied with a wheeled dolly, so would look impressive next to a finished A-10.

The Italeri A-10 Detail Set is available from model stores and online suppliers, including Model Hobbies - with a useful £3.00 GBP ($4.78 USD - discount here.