Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The neat acronym MOC - My Own Creation - is used by LEGO builders to describe their efforts. And there’s a thriving MOC site that caters to the enthusiasm of the worldwide plastic brick-building community.

Now LEGO is not really a ‘scale’ activity, mainly because of the coarse nature of the basic bricks. However, viewed from a little way away, a LEGO creation can certainly look much like the real thing. And even when LEGOness is obvious, you can usually admire technical aspects of the construction.

This P-38 Lightning (top pictures above) is an example - the outline is recognizable enough, but it’s not exactly a competitor to even a tiny Corgi offering (bottom picture). But no matter: it looks good in its own way, and you have to admire the way the builder, ‘Masterchief 1’, has allowed for the droopiness of LEGO wings by building in a pair of support struts between the fuselage pod and engines.

The online MOC community was started by keen LEGO builder Sean Kenney in 2003, although it is not affiliated with LEGO in any way. Today, Sean is the MOC pages leader and offers his services on the web as a portrait artist - making them in LEGO of course!

You can visit MOC pages here, and Sean Kenney’s portrait site here.