Thursday, May 21, 2009


Maybe this is not a ‘model’, at least in SMN’s normal terms of reference, but it’s so weirdly cool that it earns a space on this electronic page. It’s a fun story, in which Perry Watkins decided to take a Postman Pat (a children’s TV series) plastic funmobile and make a genuine roadgoing machine out of it.

As the YouTube vid shows, his machine works well, using the Postman Pat body on top of a quad bike. At 26 inches wide it's a contender for 'world's smallest car' too. SMN’s only real quibble are the flames down the sides - to our eyes, they may just be a tad over the top.

As ‘models’ go of course, it’s hardly a miniature - the car is several times BIGGER than the one that appears on the TV shows.