Friday, June 19, 2009


I looked up from the screen the other day to see (and hear) a VERY LARGE delta wing shape flying majestically over SMN Towers.

WOW the Avro Vulcan (top picture) is one mighty flying machine, and congratulations to the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTTS), for making this single flying example, number XH588, of a British V-bomber possible.

One thing I immediately noted was how clean the exhausts were, with almost no visible fumes from those four powerful Bristol Olympus engines.

Corgi makes a tidy 1:144 scale diecast of XH558 (middle picture), which is available from most stockists. There's also a handmade Delta Bravo model, available directly from the VTTS website, available in wheels up or wheels down versions (bottom). You can visit the VTTS here.