Thursday, June 18, 2009


Model boating is a wide-ranging hobby, from sailing on a pond with a radio-controlled (RC) model yacht, to speeding across the water with a high-speed catamaran.

And recently the UK Gloucester and District Model Boat Club gave an impressive show as a part of the crowd-packed Tall Ships Festival in Gloucester’s docks, by the River Severn.

Making boats can be therapeutic stuff - my own fave watermobile used to be an RC submarine, which I submerged in a local lake, only to surprise visitors a while later when it surfaced in stealth mode, wearing camouflage to make it look like... a mini Loch Ness Monster!

Read about The REAL Loch Ness Monster here.

The Gloucester and District Model Boat Club has a website here, the Tall Ships Festival is here, and you can view some RC boats here.