Saturday, July 11, 2009


SMN Towers has been in need of streamlining this week, so various unwanted kits, diecasts and collectables were tidied into stackable boxes, an essential bag of silica gel added in case of dampness, and off they went into the loft.

However... a loft trip also entails a look at what’s lurking there, and of course, what’s been totally forgotten about since the last such visit. Robinson Crusoe must have felt like this, when he found another useful item from the wrecked ship - a treasure trove of stuff, just waiting to be pored over.

The first two items that met the eye were the pair shown here. First off (top picture) a Batmobile from some 10 years ago, found in a local superstore and still with its shampoo container intact. And two neat points - a fold-out front arm allows a ‘takeoff angle’ shelf-top display, and at the rear, the screw-top doubles as a turbine exhaust.

The Chrysler Atlantic was a concept car shown in 1995 (see picture) and this 1:25 scale model, dating from around the same time, was a fairly reasonable rendering of what (to our eyes) was a tasty hunk of metal. The satin black finish was applied to give it a superhero ‘Black Widow’ look, needed for a photoshoot at the time.

It’s not a bad car actually, if a little barebones in detail. Sadly the door mirrors and Chrysler badges haven’t survived a dozen years in storage, but otherwise it’s in fine condition, just waiting for a 21st century revamp. The Lindberg 1:25 scale model is still being made, and is available from various outlets, including eHobbies.

You can visit Lindberg here, and eHobbies here.