Sunday, July 12, 2009


In the world of paper publishing, Fine Scale Modeler magazine continues to provide readers with a wide range of subjects packed inside its covers. The current July issue is well up to FSM’s normal high standards, and includes a juicy 14 pages of kit reviews, plus the usual Reader Gallery photo delight, which always displays some very fine craftwork.

Features that appeal in this issue include the cover story, a Leopard tank kitbash, and the utterly fabulous 1:15 scale B-17G Flying Fortress, hand-made in metal by master craftsman Guillermo Rojas Bazan. Wow, it’s spectacular stuff, with skill levels that are rather humbling to a lesser modeller like this writer. Metal-forming a B-17? Now that really is kit-bashing!

There’s also a step-by-step conversion of a 1:144 scale Minicraft Lockheed Constellation, and a look at a kit classic - Revell’s 1960 release of the Bell X-5 to 1:40 scale. Years ago, this was one of my very first kits with something extra on offer, and I can confirm that in that age of ‘action features’, the wings did indeed swing in and out easily, though they needed a dab of vaseline to smooth their operation.

Fine Scale Modeler magazine is available through the usual retail outlets.