Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For World War II radio control (RC) fans, here are two ace videos featuring the beautiful Spitfire. The flying shots (top) were made at the Southern California 2009 Scale Fly-In at Prado Air Park, earlier this year. The 1:4 scale Spit was built by Don Reno over the course of two years, and looks to be well worth his time and effort. The only thing we need now is for someone to make a noise-converter that will make an RC fuel engine sound like a Rolls-Royce Merlin!

The second video shows an Australian Spitfire Mk Vb RC project in the making. It has a 2.4 m (96 inch) wingspan, and is an ongoing build. We look forward to seeing this biggie in the air sometime soon.

Where RC is concerned, there’s been huge progress from the manufacturers over the last few years. Rather like computers and other tech products, you get far more for your money, which is a great place to be.

Among the available ready-to-fly Spitfires is the excellent electric-motor Parkzone Mk II (bottom). Inside the box is everything you need to fly, and the RC system has two switchable modes - easy for beginners, max for combat vets. There’s no undercarriage, but at this level that’s no bad thing.

The Parkzone Spitfire is widely sold, with various offers available, including this £109.99 GBP ($180.00 USD) price from online outfit Wonderland Models, here.