Monday, August 10, 2009


Pre-orders start today on the Sledster II retro-Americana truck. The 1:64 scale vehicle comes from the Custom Crew, a US outfit that created the original 254 mm (10 in) long 1950s-style Sledster, featured by SMN back in April (top picture).

The Sledster II (lower pictures) is based on the Sledster’s cab section, and is available in two types: a ‘Cruisin for a Cure’ version and the ‘Tangerine Dream’. Both look terrific, as does the original Sledster in its various editions.

The man behind these models is diecast custom-designer Luis Tanahara, who has worked for the likes of Hot Wheels and Jada Toys. His Sledsters match Hot Wheels vehicles for scale, but are definitely not aimed at the playroom - they are well-made collector items that come in their own gleaming acrylic display cases.

Not that such trucks have to be left untouched. There are plenty of people who like to customize a custom, as the flashing lights in the video show!

Visit the Custom Crew here.

Visit the Cruisin for a Cure auto show here.