Monday, September 14, 2009


The Guernsey Model Show included some highly collectible Dinky aircraft, including replicas of several airliners dating from the 1950s, a transatlantic turboprop Bristol Britannia, medium-range Vickers Viscount, and the turbojet de Havilland Comet. At the time, the real aircraft were leading-edge four-engine machines, the Viscount in particular being a big success, with 445 being built. Yet today, just four airworthy Viscounts exist, and no flying Comets or Britannias, though the Comet-based Nimrod patrol plane is likely to be in service until the 2020s.

However, Dinky Toys miniatures of these aircraft are available in fair numbers, and represent an appreciating asset for collectors. As ever with collectibles like these, buying what you like is the best plan - even if prices drop (unlikely with Dinky Toys) you've still got a desirable item.

Prices on eBay are a good guide to achievable values, and for a good condition Comet or Viscount with box, you can expect to pay north of £100.00 GBP ($167 USD). A Britannia is rarer and you are likely to pay around 50 percent more, but whatever price you end up paying, any of these will make a fine addition to your collection.

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