Sunday, September 27, 2009


Here’s a bit of fun for your Sunday delectation - a ‘model’ Ferrari whipped together by a team from the Puma sportsgear supplier. Meantime, if you prefer your sports cars in kit form, Tamiya has a good-looking Ferrari 360 Modena (pronouced Mod-en-er btw, with a slight emphasis on the ‘Mod’) that assembles into a beautiful 1:24 scale replica.

Instead of traditional Ferrari red, this one comes moulded in the same yellow that forms the background to the prancing horse logo. Tamiya has hit the shade well but, as ever, the finished thing will look better with several thin coats of spray paint, which will provide both depth and opacity to the bodywork, especially the thinner parts.

Whether you like your models shiny or satin is up to you - personally I give all but the biggest models a waft-over with satin aerosol spray, which seems to make them look a little more realistic somehow. And you can always buff the more reflective parts with your fingertips, giving the best of both worlds.

Have a look at the Tamiya Modena here - this is the best price we could find at the moment.

Visit Puma here.