Friday, September 11, 2009


The Sukhoi Su-30 MKK is a Russia-China collaboration that provides China with an aircraft of similar performance to the US F-15E Eagle. The Su-30 MKK model shown here is another biggie from Trumpeter (itself a Chinese company), to 1:32 scale. It scales out to some 684 mm (27 in) long, which makes it one of the biggest shelf-top kits around. It’s better than Trumpeter’s earlier Sukhoi kits, with many of their minor imperfections now ironed out. For parts-counters, the claimed 661 pieces should be very satisfying, while for working-item lovers, the metal axle provided for the flaps will enable this feature to operate smoothly.

As you can see from the pictures supplied by Trumpeter, a well-made Su-30 MKK looks really convincing, and details such as the swing-out refuelling probe add to the realistic effect. Two items that SMN would like to see however, are crew figures - the Su-30 MKK is a not a cheap kit (UK price well over £100 GBP) and for that price, a pair of nicely sculpted fliers really ought to be included. Actually, make that a bag of bits all to itself, with seated and standing aircrew, plus some ground technicians and maybe even some startup and maintenance equipment. Oh well, dream on SMN!

Overall, we give this kit a thumbs-up - it’s good to see kits of Asian machinery now coming onto the market in rising numbers.

You can buy the Trumpeter kit from model stores and online suppliers such as Amazon here.