Friday, October 2, 2009


We reported on the RM Auctions ‘Icons of Speed & Style’ sale recently, with a closeup look at the 1965 Dodge Deora concept truck. Well, the sale results are in, and we thought you’d like to know what that golden-wonder vehicle made.

Wait for it... no less than $324,500 USD (£204,370 GBP)! Wow! However, it’s a piece of design history, so we say well worth the moolah; after all, it’s a one-off piece of rolling auto-art that would look much better in the garage than a piece of modern art on the wall - especially as you can drive it down the highway to show your friends. (Ahem, apologies to art fans out there, but SMN knows which it prefers ;)

There were heaps of other amazing vehicles on sale, including a couple of faves, such as the 1951 Belly-Tank Lakester at $209,000 USD (£131,627 GBP) with bodywork made, quite literally, from an aircraft fuel tank (look at that kissing-distance ground clearance!). The 1957 Revell Show Rod was built in 2:3 scale as a promo for the well-known kit company, and fetched a hugely more affordable $11,550 USD (£7274 GBP).

And talking of hot rods, here’s a book you might like. Terry Jessee’s Hot Rod Model Kits has 96 pages plus covers, and is packed with info and pictures. It’s full of fascinating information, and well worth having on the reference shelf.

Pictures show, from top to bottom:
1 Dodge Deora
2 Belly-Tank Lakester.
3 Revell Show Rod.
4 Hot Rod Model Kits book jacket.

Car pix courtesy RM Auctions, and you can view the sale results list here.

View Terry Jessee’s Hot Rod Model Kits here.