Thursday, October 1, 2009


Talking of Ferraris (see Puma video, 27 September) here’s a feast for the prancing horse aficionado. Marketed by manufacturer CMC as ‘The Red Sharks’ for their distinctive twin-nostril nose intake design, the three Ferrari Dino diecast models are simply mouthwatering. To 1:18 scale, they represent slightly differing versions of the Model 156 from 1961, depicting the cars of US driver Phil Hill (Numbers 2 and 4) and the German Wolfgang von Trips (Number 3). The models are produced in a (somewhat expansive) edition of 6000 each.

According to CMC, the replicas are hand-assembled from 1450 parts, with ‘hand laced’ spoke wheels. The detail is breathtaking, with engine, cables, pipes, cooling systems and more, produced in luscious detail. Definitely IWOOT replicas.

And even if you can’t stretch to a CMC model, do take a look at the luscious pdf catalogue, which reveals 76 pages of gorgeousness. It’s a big download (18 mb) but well worth it - and when you've got it on-screen, turn to page 54 to see SMN’s blue-and-silver retro-fave from the CMC list.

The pictures above show, top to bottom:
1 CMC pdf catalogue cover shows a 1:18 scale 1957 Maserati 250F.
2 Red Sharks promo material.
3 Phil Hill’s Ferrari Dino.

Click the ‘Catalog’ button at top right on the opening page here to download the CMC catalogue.

Visit Amazon here to buy one - they’re not cheap, but are fair-value for the quality workmanship involved.