Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hasegawa’s new take on the Ma. K (Maschinen Krieger) sci-fi universe, first created back in the 1980s by Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama, continues to expand, with a new combat craft soon to be available to 1:35 scale.

The Lunadiver Stingray from the Ma. K Mercenary Army looks to be a neatly crafted addition to the Hasegawa range, and a delight for all sci-fi buffs. It’ll fit neatly on a sheet of A4 paper, at 303 mm (11.9 in) long by 163 mm (6.4 in) across the bulging side pods. There are two well-sculpted figures included - and as it’s to the popular military 1:35 scale, you’ve got a wealth of choice for any extra figures you might care to add. A set of modern military figures, equipped with high-tech combat gear would complement the Lunadiver Stingray well, and of course they can be reconfigured in any way you like to ‘science-fictionalize’ them.

Incidentally, the Ma.K universe is set in the 2800s, and concerns the repopulation of the Earth as our planet cleans up after a nuclear war. The story concentrates on the fighting that happens between various factions trying to control gain control of this future world. So Ma. K’s creator isn’t looking for anything much to change in the human condition then...

The Hasegawa 1:25 scale Lunadiver Stingray should be available before Christmas.

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There’s a nice dirtied-up Lunadiver here.