Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here’s a nice new feature added to this pair of 1:50 scale diecast trucks from Corgi - the curtainside is partly drawn back, to reveal some of a load that’s normally hidden from view.

The Volvo FH12 unit in RM Page markings measures 345 mm (13.6 in) long and comes with a generic boxed load. Detailing is pretty good throughout, and includes multiple lights, warning beacons and roof antennas. The other curtainside features a DAF 105 tractor in Ken Mallinson livery. This one reveals a bunch of red barrels, and hanging off the back is a Moffett Mounty load-shifter used to fill and empty the vehicle. Tractor, curtainside and Mounty add up to a length of some 355 mm (14 in).

The nice thing about 1:50 scale is that it sits nicely next to the plastic kit 1:48 standard, opening up the door to a mass of dioramas, mixing kit-built aircraft with diecast trucks. It’s fair to say though that most diecasts, including these two, are far too clean and shiny to look comfortable next to a well detailed kit.

So the first thing to do is to spray the truck overall with satin varnish, then overspray some light weathering, especially around the wheels and lower parts in general. Importantly, mask all the windows first, as they do not take spray well. They also don’t seem to need the spray’s subtle flattening effect.

Just for fun, we’ve included a video of truck racing for your weekend delectation. This was shot at the UK’s Castle Combe circuit, and is well worth watching, if only to see how much exhaust smoke and fumes a race-prepared diesel can chuck out!

These two trucks are becoming available through stores and online suppliers, such as Amazon here.

Visit the Corgi online shop here.