Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Science fiction fans generally have something of a love affair with robots. Whether they are small and helpful (R2D2), tall and shiny (C3PO), or deadly enemies (Transformer Decepticons), there seems to be just ‘something’ about a mechanical man that appeals, even more so if it’s a dangerous clockwork killer. And in Texas, designer-photographer Adam Voorhes has joined in robomania with the damaged machine-man shown above (top), its mobility-aid an old-fashioned wooden crutch under the arm. Adam’s even given a title to his creation: ‘Something seems to be missing’...

Japan is ground-zero for robotics, both real and fictional, and robo-culture there is sometimes obsessed with them. Magazines such as the excellent Hobby Japan run big features, and Euro-comics such as the UK’s 2000AD run strips based on robo-themes. The diorama here shows an excellent ABC Warrior from the strip of the same name, wreaking havoc while on display at a model show.

We recently reported on the T700 robot to 1:18 scale which came with the Terminator Hunter-Killer robo-flyer. But of course the small-scale T700 is just one of a seemingly endless horde of robots on sale, any of which would look great in a sci-fi based diorama. Some of the bigger ones are on offer at massive post-Christmas discounts, so it’s worth hunting around to see what’s available, meantime the T800 endoskeleton (bottom pic) is generally available in stores and online.

Visit Adam Voorhes here.

Terminator robots are available here.

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