Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here’s an offer for US collectors from Hot Wheels - a free 1:64 scale 1962 Chevrolet Corvette. It represents a ’Vette from the last year when America’s own sports car came with a wraparound windshield. Add to that the handsome ultramarine blue paint plus a pair of racing stripes and you have a nice addition to any collection to this scale. The Hot Wheels ’62 Corvette is packaged in a ‘Collector Edition’ blister card, and comes in a delightfully-named ‘Kar Keepers’ clamshell pack.

Mind you, there’s free and ‘free’. You do have to buy 20 selected cars from the range at selected Kmart stores in order to qualify for the offer, and all before April 17, 2010. So it really amounts to just 5 percent off - but that Corvette looks terrific, and Hot Wheels prices are not exactly wallet-busters, so who’s complaining - not SMN, that’s for sure.

Visit the Hot Wheels offer here.

If you like Corvettes in other scales, there’s a tasty selection here.

Thanks to Autoblog for the offer heads-up.