Friday, March 19, 2010


SMN reports
Here’s a look at the bargains aplenty department for classic kit collectors. Amongst other items at Astons auction tomorrow is this lot, a group of seven highly collectible Airfix kits in the old plastic bags, plus four 1:87 scale Roco Minitanks, in their original bubble packs.

The current price estimate is just £20-30 GBP ($30-46 USD) which makes them something of a bargain - even at the high end of that range, the items are still highly affordable. Mind you, they will never get built, but that’s the way of the world with collectible kits, their prime purpose lost in the quest for increasing value and perfect mint-and-boxed condition - or in this case, ‘mint-and-bagged’ perfection.

Among non-kit items for sale at Astons are some Dan Dare memorabilia, including the Rocket and Planet Guns shown above. Dan Dare was the UK’s Number One space hero in the 1950s and 1960s, and his appeal to older collectors remains undimmed by time. Dan’s full-colour adventures graced the front two pages of the popular Eagle boys’ comic for many years, and he was the subject of many marketing deals by companies eager to exploit his popularity in the UK and other countries where the comic and strip were syndicated.

Prices for the guns reflect their comparative rarity, with the Planet Gun’s price expected to reach up to £60 GBP ($92 USD), with the elegant and desirable Rocket Gun likely to sell for three times more.

Pictures courtesy The Saleroom.

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