Saturday, March 6, 2010


SMN reports
This live-video stunt should bring a smile to your face - it’s a motorized version of the old snatch-the-tablecloth trick. This time, the equipment is a 1000cc BMW superbike, with a rider who knows how to achieve maximum acceleration without pulling a wheelie or spinning the tyre - to get this trick right needs instant action, with no hanging about.

Which brings us to the subject of superbike kits, something of a Cinderella species compared to the regular flow of aircraft and militaria from the major companies. Still, bikes are available, and Italeri has a a very good range indeed, though - sad to say - no BMWs, probably due to licensing issues.

Among the tastiest items from the Italian maker are the 1:24 scale combo bike-and-truck sets, featuring a superbike hauler with its precious race-winning cargo. Bikes include Honda, Yamaha, and as shown here, Italy’s own ace marque, Ducati.

The truck is a Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit, plus a long semi-trailer containing the bike. Assembly is relatively simple, with no real fit and finish problems to worry about. However, it’s well worthwhile giving the whole thing several thin spray coats of matching red, as bare plastic doesn’t really convince. And taking lots of time detailing the interior will pay dividends too. As for the bike, it’s reasonably accurate and comes with a rear-wheel stand, so it won’t fall over when left - something this rider manages to do with the real thing a few times, at the start of each motorcycling season.

When assembled and painted, with the excellent set of Ducati decals applied, this truck and bike duo becomes a superb display set.

Video and pictures courtesy BMW, Italeri.

Italeri trucks and bikes are available from model stores and online suppliers, including a Yamaha version here.