Thursday, November 25, 2010


SMN report
Revell’s annual scale-fest winners were announced this week. Model maker Joachim Balkenhol won the 2010 contest with his 1:96 scale clipper ship Thermopylae, which took him more than two years to build. The kit’s basis was another Revell ship, the Pedro Nunes, a vessel named after the Portuguese mathematician and pioneer of modern navigation methods. Joachim’s conversion mods included a full set of paper sails, and rigging that used up a staggering 160 m (525 ft) of fine twine. Amazing stuff.

Here are the other winners:

Patrick Simon (Bucket Wheel).

Ingo Hartmann (USS United States).

Karsten Schmidt (Ford Cabrio).

Fabian Schulz (Ford Rat Rod).

Andreas Dyck (P-51D).

Michael Sabusch (Kanonenjagdpanzer).

Thomas Plösser (Canadair CL-13B Sabre).

Peter Hofstetter (Diesel locomotive).

Thorsten Hofmann (Junkers Ju-88 A-1).

There was a mixed jury, consisting of:

Helge Schling, Berthold Tack (Modell Fan magazine). 

Volker Helms (DPMV and IPMS, Germany).

Karl-Heinz Dué, Franz-Josef Heckmann (German model building club).

Ullrich Taubert, Volker Vahle, Holger Eidberger (Revell-Germany).

Visit the Revell competition page here.

Pictures courtesy Revell, showing the entries, in winning order.