Thursday, January 20, 2011


David Jefferis reports
Aaah... The new Airfix 2011 catalogue reminds me of the classic ‘Bisto Kids’ logo, in which two street urchins are depicted in seventh heaven, as they smell the rich aroma of Bisto* gravy wafting by their noses. Except in this case, the smell is aromatic printer’s ink which leads me to the tasty contents of the 130 colour pages of this publication.

New tool kits
The fast-expanding Airfix range is looking very good indeed, with plenty of new-tool products - in fact, there is barely a page that doesn’t feature something new. The pictures give you just a hint of what’s coming this year, but one thing comes over strongly - there’s a clear interest by Airfix in 1:48 scale, which is especially interesting to me, as it’s ‘my’ scale and is a good match for another keen interest, Bachmann On30 railroad models.

Wide range of products
I’ve picked some Airfix 2011 pages, but there’s plenty more reading in this, the best-looking catalogue for years. The emphasis is on the company’s traditional strengths, aircraft and miltaria, but there are many other ranges on offer, including cars, ships, steam engines and more. It’s becoming available now, online and in model stores. 

The pictures show, top to bottom:
1  Attractive cover of the A4-size Airfix 2011 catalogue.
2  1:72 scale Curtiss P-40B, as flown by the Fighter Collection at IWM Duxford. Please note Airfix - it should be 'Harbor' on that label, not the anglicized spelling with a 'u'. 
3  1:72 scale four-engine Cold War V-bomber, the hotly-awaited Vickers Valiant.
4  1:48 scale helos: Westland Lynx and AgustaWestland Merlin.
5  1:48 scale classic jets, the Lightning and Sea Vixen.
6  Up to date in Afghanistan, with 1:48 scale British troops and equipment.
7  An AFV for 1:76 fans, the World War II-era Cromwell Mk IV tank.
8  More 1:76 scale with a group of ready-made resin buildings, ruins that will suit diorama fans.
9  Rocketry in 1:144 scale, including an especially interesting Saturn V Skylab-toting version.
10  More 1:48 scale in Afghanistan - the Land Rover Patrol kit includes eight figures as well as the vehicle.
11  Sea Harriers are now history in British service (sob) but for STOVL fans, this Falklands War FSR1 could be an essential build. 

* For non-UK readers, Bisto is a gravy-browning product. Here's an old ad for it:

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