Thursday, January 13, 2011


“Thunderbirds are go!" quickly became a popular phrase for schoolkids when Gerry Anderson’s soon-to-be-famous series first aired in 1965. Featuring ‘Supermarionation’ for its puppet stars, led by Jeff Tracy and his sons Scott and Virgil, plus their glammed-up friend Lady Penelope and Brains the scientist, Thunderbirds was soon an international hit.

To the rescue
Based on the remote Tracy Island, the Tracy family made heroic disaster-rescues across the world, using their fleet of Thunderbirds rescue craft, and also fought the bad guys, especially the loathsome Hood. Even so, only 32 episodes were made - a warmed-over live action movie was released in 2004, but was not a success.

T-Bird stamps
Still, times may be changing, as the UK Royal Mail has a set of T-Birds stamps on sale, and Gerry Anderson (now a sprightly 81 years old) confirmed this week that there is a new TV series in the works. Whether it’s live-action or Supermarionation is something we’ll have to find out.

Models available
In the model world, there are Thunderbirds models aplenty, ranging from Dinky Toys diecast Lady Penelope’s pink FAB 1 Rolls-Royce, to plastic kits of the various T-Birds craft. Of these, the Japanese Imai company has perhaps the widest range of offerings. Many of these are discontinued or hard to find - so to have a look at one in closeup we snouted deep into the SMN Vault of Antiquity to find the kit shown in the pix above.

This is actually quite a cracker, with several craft in the same, richly painted box (the art is quite luscious), each moulded in a different shade and scale. Actually that’s not quite true - the kit is labelled ‘Thunderbird 2 with three elevator cars in pod’ - so the other craft, which also include a TB1 and tiny TB5 space station, are popped into the box as free extras. Very nice attitude, Imai.

Details big and small
Some detail is rather disappointing - Thunderbird 2’s flight-deck windows are just moulded indentations, for example, but the tiny Mole and Thunderbird 4 are very neatly detailed. So it’s swings and roundabouts, but the skilled model maker should be able to turn the set into an impressive display piece. 

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The pictures show:
1  The UK Thunderbirds 4-3-2-1 stamp set.
2-3  Imai Thunderbird 2 box, and components.
4  Imai FAB 1 six-wheel Rolls-Royce
5  Nice and big Product Enterprises FAB 1 collectible - it’s 460 mm (18 in) long, with chauffeur Parker at the wheel.
6  Contemporary advert for Thunderbird toys - we'll take the ray gun please!