Monday, February 21, 2011


SMN report.
The 1:72 scale Airfix TSR.2MS, a rocket-boosted, missile-equipped aircraft designed to destroy deadly space rocks, is now available. And the good news is that if you change your mind and decide against the sci-fi version - based on the Japanese anime series Stratos 4 - then the box still contains the decals that allow you to finish the aircraft as an epitaph to British aerospace achievement and while you’re at it, a blaming finger at the sadly misguided politicians who cancelled so many brilliant projects in that era.

Stratos 4 the series
As an asteroid-killer, the TSR.2MS is an interesting concept - especially the reaction-thrusters used for attitude control at peak trajectory - and when we get our hands on one, we’ll pass judgement on fit and finish of the kit. SMN featured the TSR.2MS in late 2010, but the world of ‘what-if’ models makes the standard TSR2 a strong interest for anyone interested in advanced aviation from the 1960s.

A TSR2 that might have been
Over at Gregers.7, which styles itself ‘The Unofficial Airfix Modellers Forum’, there’s some fascinating stuff, including the superbly made 1:48 scale Airfix TSR2 in full camo markings we show here, renamed the Eagle GR.1 by model maker 'Viper'. The real thing never got further than white paint, RAF roundels, and a few flights before cancellation, but had the beast gone into squadron service, who knows, we might be seeing her in the Gulf rather than the Panavia Tornado.

Visit Gregers.7 here.

Viper's 1:48 scale TSR2 build is here.

Agape Models has another what-if TSR2 here.

More TSR2 stuff here, including Edouard cockpit details.

The pictures show, top to bottom:
1  Airfix 1:72 scale TSR.2MS.
2  Prototype TSR2 at Imperial War Museum Duxford, finished in nuclear strike anti-flash white.
3-5  Very neat build of the 1:48 scale Airfix model, complete with underwing stores.

Many thanks to Viper for the build pix - we’d love to see more of your stuff in future.