Tuesday, April 5, 2011


SMN Report
If you enjoy hunting for a bargain, then auctions can be the way to go - though for rare items, prices can sail through the roof to ‘infinity and beyond’. But nearer terra firma, there are all sorts of interesting items coming up this coming weekend, with guide prices that should suit most buyers’ pockets.

Dinky Toys for sale
For diecast collectors, there are some very handsome articles with Special Auction Services (SAS), including the attractive group of Dinky Toys shown here. Just think, I owned no less than five of these six items when they were new, my pocket money was not a lot, and I looked forward to birthday presents with a 'Dinky' on the box. Sad to say, all those toys of mine bit the dust in some shape or form maaany years ago! But for new owners this time around, the Dinkys pictured, plus a number of other items, have the very reasonable lot estimate of just £70-£90 GBP ($113-145 USD).

Car kits on offer
For kit fans, Astons Auctioneers and Valuers offer these piles of car models at an estimate of £60-80 GBP ($97-130 USD), again quite a bargain lot if they make something around that price. Mind you, it could be more - or less! Both auction houses have many more items on offer, and accept live or internet bids. 

Beautiful Corvette Indy
The Corvette Indy kit at top left would tempt me - the real thing was a swoopy-looking design concept first shown at the Detroit Motor Show in 1986, and was packed with advanced engineering in the form of a Lotus-designed engine, 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, and intelligent active suspension,. There was even a dash-mounted TV screen, fed by a rear-view camera. That last hasn’t proved a total benefit in today’s real world - a Toyota Prius owner I know has crunched into things more than once because he parks by looking at his screen instead of through the windows!
Visit SAS via The Saleroom.com here.

Visit Astons here.

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Corvette Indy pic courtesy GM.