Friday, May 13, 2011


SMN report
Labelled as a “weekend of fun for movie and model fans”, the annual WonderFest international hobby event celebrates its 22nd year this weekend. In the words of the organizers: “WonderFest is THE annual expo for model and toy collectors of s-f, horror and comics subjects - especially plastic kits and garage kits.”

Just four of the names appearing at WonderFest Expo. 

Huge range of models and collectibles
WonderFest features the: “largest imaginative model contest in America, how-to seminars, movie special f/x and comic art guests, parties, and a dealer's room with collectibles from around the globe.” All of which sounds abfab to the SMN crew, and a top recommend if you’re available to go the show, which is held in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Nothing like a bit of nostalgia!

Daytime and into the night
Staffers at WonderFest are all keen enthusiasts: “...with fond childhood memories of reading Famous Monsters magazine, building Aurora model kits and seeing great movies full of wonder and imagination. We'd be thrilled to share that happy experience with new generations... and older ones, too.” WonderFest’s daytime hours are 10-1700 hrs, but after that there are parties, demos, movies and more, until bedtime. Sounds just right to us, especially the bizarrely named Director’s Cut of Trail of the Screaming Forehead!

Robocop is an evergreen Hollywood name.

Green and mean Martian from Mars Attacks, definitely a cool movie.

Who should attend?
We’ll just leave it to the WonderFest hosts’ bubbling enthusiasm: “If you dream of collecting models and toys - or simply love the movies they’re based on - you’ll GO APE over WonderFest!" 

Another greenie, this one a life-size Hulk figure. 

Angel Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet TV series.

Well, that’s whetted our appetites here at SMN - we’re not free to fly in this weekend (boo) but reckon we’ll aim to be there in 2012 (yippee).

Full details at WonderFest here.