Friday, May 27, 2011


David Jefferis reports
The excellent HobbyLink Japan webstore is offering good deals on kits and ready-builts featuring the Ma.K (Maschinen Krieger) sci-fi universe, first created back in the 1980s by Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama.

Fully configured fighting suit
The main star is undoubtedly the 1:6 scale fully finished, articulated, and lighted Maschinen Krieger SAFS (Super Armoured Fighting Suit), complete with an extremely well sculpted female pilot figure. The 400 mm (15.75 in) tall suit - with multimedia parts in plastic, metal and vinyl - is highly limited, with just a 600-item run, so there are not many to go around. 

Lighting up the SAFS
All the various parts that should move, do move, and there’s cockpit lighting that includes a green-lit information panel, a blue inner cushion light, plus indicator lamps. What’s also a good feature is that the curvaceous pilot can slip neatly inside the SAFS, when the order goes out for her to get ready for battle.

Popular sci-fi series
In recent years, and especially since Hasegawa started producing injection kits, Ma.K has become something of a growth industry, a ‘more serious’ Star Wars if you will - it’s certainly grittier in flavour, with huge appeal to anyone who’s into militaria and AFVs. The pictures here show a selection of Ma.K stuff, including a cover splash on Daytona BROS magazine, a well regarded Japanese fashion publication, showing that the sci-fi combat-gear look is a definite style icon for sections of the design community.

HLJ sale ends soon
Our friends at HobbyLink Japan have the SAFS suit and other Ma.K subjects at good discounts, but you’ll have to order quickly if you want to lay some in, as the HLJ sale on these items ends on June 1. Stay awhile there while you’re at it, as there are many other discounts available.

Visit the fascinating HLJ site here.

See more on Maschinen Krieger here.

Visit Daytona BROS here.

Pix courtesy Hasegawa, HLJ, SMN Studio. 
Cordmaster Prince pictures were supplied to us without a link - if you have one we'd be pleased to add it here, as the models look terrific.