Tuesday, September 27, 2011


SMN report:
Revell is planning a nice Christmas present for military aviation fans - it’s the Airbus A400M airlifter to 1:72 scale. Fitting neatly in size between the smaller C-130 Hercules and the bigger C-17, the A400 is Europe’s tactical transport solution that is finally, after many delays, making its way toward operational status.

A big A400M model
The Revell kit will be quite a brute, with a wingspan of 588 mm (23.15 in) and length of 626 mm (24.6 in), so make sure there’s room available on that display shelf. We show here test shots of the 210-component model, and detail looks pretty good, with refuelling probe faithfully reproduced, as well as a neatly-cut forward door and steps. 

Flight deck windows
It looks as if Revell has decided to do a one-piece flightdeck transparency, leaving the modelmaker to mask off the windows before painting. The swept-blade props appear to have the correct (complex) shape, while the vast interior is revealed by the opening rear door. There seems to be a modicum of detail in there, and it would be brilliant if Revell decides to add more than is usual in this department. The A400M will carry up to 116 soldiers, a pair of Tiger helicopters, or three armoured vehicles, so the opportunities for turning the model into a showstopper will certainly be tempting.

Emergency braking test
The 12-wheel main landing gear appears to be all present and correct, with support legs at the correct rear-facing angle. In the real world, the A400M completed emergency-braking tests just last week. It passed with flying colours, even if three tyres were blow-outs in the process, though that’s a fairly normal event during this extreme type of test, we’re told.

Outlook for the Revell A400M
It looks big and beautiful - and we can't wait to get our hands on it. More details here.