Thursday, September 15, 2011


SMN report
Woodland Scenics offers a vast range of rail-orientated models and accessories, though it's fair to say that many - even most - are also suitable for other forms of model making, in fact anything where a building, diorama or landscape scene is needed in a hurry.

Speed and smiles
When speed is important, a ready-made solution can make all the difference, and this is where the many finished models from Woodland Scenics come into their own. A further attraction is that many of them are all-in-one mini-scenes, often with a sense of humour or tongue firmly in cheek. And all of that adds to audience participation and that excellent 'ooh aah' factor!

Taster for the Woodland Scenics range
There are many, many such scenes available - these ones we show here are tasters to give you some ideas. These are all to H0 gauge - international 1:87 scale - which makes the buildings reasonably compatible with the outsider British-only 1:76 scale 00-gauge. Where vehicles are concerned, the difference between the two scales is a bit too obvious to ignore, more's the pity.

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