Saturday, October 22, 2011


SMN Review:
We thought you'd like to share some pix taken at the Automodellismo Show this summer. The overall level of entries to the show (and to be in with a chance to win the Spark Plug Trophy) was very high, as you will see. Note: we seem to have the slideshow feature working again, so after you have clicked to read on, just click any pic to see the enlarged version - then use left and right arrows to view more. To exit, click the 'x' at top right. Enjoy!

Automodellismo and HaMeX
Automodellismo was held at the same location as the HaMeX Show, diary set for a third exhibition on November 27 this year. Co-organizers Paul Fitzmaurice and Mat Irvine were well pleased with the extent and variety of model cars on display at Automodellismo, and these pix show just how much care and craftsmanship has gone into them.

Automodellismo 2011 here.

HaMeX 3 details and dates here.

Photographs courtesy Mat Irvine.