Thursday, November 17, 2011


SMN report:
Woodland Scenics offers some interesting new buildings, including a trio in the expansive 0-gauge ‘Built-&-Ready’ series. US 0-gauge is handily equivalent to 1:48 scale, so lots of crossover possibilities are possible using ready-made structures like these.

Sign of the hanging boot
We just love the JW Cobbler building, complete with its hanging-boot sign in the front. Many more details abound, making this worth a display all by itself.

Fruit and vegetables in miniature
Lubener’s General Store is another detail-packed building, and the inclusion of awnings, cola dispenser and sign, plus assorted vegetable tubs and cases make it a winner.

Every vehicle needs them
In N-gauge, or 1:160 scale, Woodland Scenics brings us the Sicken Tire Company factory, described as: “...perfect to model the center of a busy industrial park. Sicken Tire Company is in full production, working to meet the expanding demand for one of humanity’s greatest inventions. White walls, studded snows and retreads roll out by the hundreds.” Terrific, huh?! 

Dairy goods
Also in N-gauge is the O’Leary Dairy Distribution building, described by Woodland Scenics like this: “At dawn’s early light, O’Leary Dairy Distribution is busy churning out pasteurized cream, butter, cheese and other fresh dairy products for delivery.” Note the attractive stickers (above) supplied with this, and the other commercial buildings.

Building a layout
Ready-built structures are incredibly useful for nailing together a rail layout (or kit-based diorama) with all speed. Woodland Scenics has a long list of items ready to go.

Very different appearance achieved using alternative markings, all supplied.

Here’s a WS video from YouTube - interesting, relevant, and worth watching.

Visit Woodland Scenics new items listing here.