Monday, November 21, 2011


SMN report:
A new arrival on the radio-control scene is the great-looking Walkera LM400Q. The design make a real change from the usual RC helicopter, its development team apparently taking a hefty hint from seminal sci-fi movies such as The Matrix and Terminator. And that’s a compliment, because there’s no real reason why an RC chopper should take its appearance slavishly from the real world.

Redundant component
The LM400Q is top of the Walkera range in this body style, having a pair of contra-rotating rotors for precise control in mid-air. This does make the tail rotor somewhat redundant though, and Walkera acknowledge this with the words: “Tail Rotor will spin for decoration.” Maybe best to take it off then!

Night flights
The LM400Q is pre-assembled, meaning that with very little in the way of setup duties, you’ll be ready to fly in just a few minutes after opening the box. Flights can be made day or night, as the LM400Q comes with quad LED nose lights and a red LED tail light - great to look at, and suitably science-fictional in flavour, too.

Easy to fly
It’s a beginner’s machine and that suits this tyro RC fan, as mastery of fine control is not too difficult to pick up. The package comes complete with a radio control unit, and lightweight but strong aluminium rotor-head parts.

Alternative version
If you don’t want the contra-rotating rotors configuration, then Walkera does a standard tail-rotor version, the CB180Q2, which comes in black or green finishes - your choice. The CB180Q2 design has what Walkera calls the: “Bell Rotor Head” design, pioneered by the helicopter company of the same name. This features a two-blade rotor, with stability provided by a secondary, weighted stabiliser bar.

Fly high
Whichever you choose, these are terrific looking machines, and are sturdy enough to fly out of doors in calm weather. 

Visit Walkera’s online shop Helipal here.