Wednesday, December 7, 2011


SMN report:
We’ve always been in awe of the sheer thrill of hearing a big powerplant on full song. Whether it’s the earsplitting roar of a combat jet on full afterburner, or the mighty rumble of a muscle-car V-8, they all hit the spot. 

Amazing model engineering skills
So when we came across this video of a simply stunning piece of model engineering, we thought you’d like to have a look. Uploaded by ‘yesuswilder’, the longish vid is well worth watching all the way through, as it’s a decent piece of movie-making into the bargain.

World’s smallest V-12?
The maker reckons it is perhaps the world’s smallest V-12 engine. The claim may or not be true, but it certainly is tiny, with a displacement of just 12 cc (0.73 cu in), making it some 289 times smaller than, say, the classic Lamborghini V-12 of 1963, the Italian’s firm’s very first such power plant.

Classic Lambo with mighty engine.

Teaching aid
The tiny V-12 is made of stainless steel, aluminium, and bronze, and is used at exhibitions and for teaching engine design. It differs in one big way from the full-size variety however, as it runs on compressed air rather than hydrocarbons. The engine is strictly a one-off, and is not for sale.

Interesting engine kits here.

Lamborghini models here.

Lamborghini 350GT engine pic courtesy ‘dave 7’.