Saturday, January 7, 2012


SMN book review:
Here’s another solid, dependable, and interest-packed book from SMN’s own Mat Irvine. This one arrived from the PR Dept at the Crowood Press recently, and matches the format of Mat’s other Crowood title Scale Spacecraft Modelling published in 2006. Scale Car Modelling comes in oversize paperback format, is full-colour throughout, and has 176 pages plus covers.

Information aplenty
What’s the book like inside? We can sum up the answer in just three words: “Detailed and Authoritative”. From introductory pages of history, through basic tools and basic builds, to resin rods and much more besides, there’s a treasure-filled mine of information to soak up.

Picture perfect
The text is supported by hundreds of pictures, mostly taken especially for the book by Mat in his packed-to-the-rafters ‘Marvellous Model Museum’, and there’s nothing that seems to be left without its relevant photograph. 

Interesting read
So all in all then, a book that you’ll never be able to devour in one go, but that’s fine, as it’s hardly a potboiler novel to read from start to finish. Instead, you’ll find yourself dipping into it again and again, browsing for info, noting useful tips, and perhaps most importantly, going through the pages for plain interest.

A book for modelmakers
All in all then, pretty much a must-read for any plastic kit auto modelmaker. Is there anything else to add? Well, yes, and we have this question to ask of both author and publisher: “Where’s the ebook version?” 

Electronic version please
This sort of subject is just made for onscreen expansion to read on a tablet device - whether it’s zoomable pix for more detail, or live links to suppliers and reference sources, an ebook would enhance the subject into a whole new publishing zone. And in some ebook formats, we could even have a video intro from Mat, making the production more personal, involving, and interesting.

So - a good book and well worth buying. But - we'd love to see the subject brought to life in an ebook version as well, please! 

Scale Car Modelling is available here. Note there’s a ‘Look Inside’ feature that enables you to have a look at quite a few of the pages onscreen.

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