Friday, January 13, 2012


Cruise liner progress:
We featured the Revell cruise ship kit before its release in November 2011, when the pix available were the plain test shots. Now Revell has released images of the ship in ready-to-show condition, and very handsome she looks too. The model shown here is the 1:400 scale version, and the 300-odd components assemble to make a model that measures some 629 mm (24.8 in) long. A simpler kit is also available, and this one is three times smaller, being made to 1:1200 scale.

Bright and bold paintwork
The ship’s paint scheme makes a welcome relief from battleship grey, and Revell has chosen here to show the Luna, one of three sister ships in the leisure fleet of Anglo-American cruise line, Aida. The other ships in the trio are the Diva and the Bella, both names also supplied by Revell. 

Decorative hull
Aida’s trademark is a bright red pair of lips on each of its vessels, with wavy blue lines slashed down the sides. Very bright and highly unusual. And as you can see from the pictures we show here, the details on the model look good - with pools, atriums and other leisure gear reproduced well. All in all, a decent kit of ship that in real life caters for the leisure-lover in all of us.

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