Saturday, February 11, 2012


SMN weekender:
We ran a recent story on models of that odd-looking creation, the Citroen 2CV ‘tin snail’, and included an idea from Yasi Design for a custom version. The excellent 1:24 scale Revell kit (above) would make a good starting point. Since then, we’ve come across the 2CV art of a Photoshopper with the online name ‘Olli’. If you're into Citroen models, his work could inspire that next workbench creation. 

Citroens from Olli
Olli’s works are really neat, and if you use them as idea-starters, then we’re sure he’d be pleased. There are other French cars on the site too, including the voluptuously-odd Citroen Dyane, and the retro-futuristic DS19 and 21. Now if only Citroen would bring us a sleeked-up Century 21 version of the 'De-Ess', this writer would be a Cit-boy overnight. 

Street rod
If you think there’s no point modelling a custom Citroen 2CV as no one makes them for real, then it’s time to think again. ‘Blackjack’ is a member of the UK National Street Rod Association (NSRA) and - guess what? - he ran across an amazing French deco-meets-steampunk 2CV hot rod in the metal, and has pix of the creation on the back of a truck to prove it.

It’s real all right
In Blackjack’s words: “To all those who said a 2CV could never be a hot rod - take a look at this incredible car.” He adds: “The cool helmet rear mudguards are made from two rear wings” and: “Looks like it runs stock suspension and engine. I gotta build one.” Good luck Blackjack, and for us modelmakers, it’s a breath of fresh air seeing something weird like this, using source material from what must be one of the most basic automobiles ever made.

2CV models in India
To those of us who have grown up thinking of India and its peoples as being poverty-stricken foreign-aid baskets, it’s great to realise that times have changed, and that the sub-continent is now powering ahead with its own fast-expanding air, space, and auto industries. And matching the last item are websites like Team-BHP that reflect increasing passions in India for hot cars with names like Lamborghini and Ferrari. But Indian car enthusiasts haven’t forgotten the humble Citroen 2CV either - the lineup of models in various scales (below) is on a Team-BHP forum. 

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There's more:
Here's a slideshow of custom 2CV concepts - just choose and create your own!

Last but not least, the 2CV (below) is a very neatly produced 1:32 scale SCX slot racer - detailed and attractive, and a fine platform to detail-up for your own take on a track-day racer. Have a look at the SCX range here.