Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Nuremberg report:
The last few days have been busy ones in Germany, as the huge Nuremberg Toy Fair roared through its 62nd annual event. Closing the doors yesterday to more than 80,000 visitors and 70,000 new product announcements, the organizers reckon the show has once again been a big success.

Head of Revell interviewed
One notable interview was with Revell-Germany’s Managing Director, Hans Ulrich Remfert. According to Remfert, the future at Revell ought to please serious modelmakers: “We have now taken the fundamental decision to severely limit our involvement in the classic toy sector, in order to concentrate on the Revell brand and the hobby theme in general. He added: “...the company is very successful with static models and remote control models. The core of the Revell brand stands for leisure and hobbies, reliability, quality and a very good price/performance ratio.” All which sounds music to the SMN Crew’s ears.

Revell radio control
Among the recent transformations at Revell was a move into radio-control (RC), a market sector in which it currently rates third in Germany with the aptly named Revell Control model range. The upcoming Revellutions RC line sounds interesting too - according the Remfert, it will have: “...extremely cool design, which for me would be enough to set it apart from other products.” The technology sounds good: “Revellutions will, for example, operate only with gigahertz, which is certainly not what you commonly find at this price level. All the electronics will be better protected against dust and water, so that a child can drive through puddles. You can change a tyre very quickly, simply and without a tool.”

Accessory packs
Remfert went on to add that Revellutions will also offer: “...a comprehensive range of accessories under the motto “Pimp my car”. This accessories package will be a source of good extra business for the trade. The vehicles have a full set of springs that are replaceable, and all vehicles have LiPo batteries, which in itself is not new but they are housed in a hard case without a plug.” The system sounds a neat one, as Remfert added: “It works like this: take the battery out, insert it in the charger and charge the battery. The chassis are made of polymer plastic. So I think we’re offering a load of technical features and a unique design.”

New tecZone
This is something of an RC week at SMN, so Revell’s plans are especially interesting, particularly with the upcoming Revell tecZone product range, which will offer still more RC stuff. 
Visit Revell tecZone teaser page here.

Heaps of Revell RC stuff here.

A non-RC Revellution
We thought you'd like a look at this very handsome 1:25 scale Revell Revellution Demon Funny Car dragster build, courtesy modelmaker Doug Cole.

It's worth having a close look at Doug's Flickrstream, which shows a pile of great builds here.