Friday, March 9, 2012


SMN update:
GreenLight Toys has unveiled a series of foam-paper car kits for 2012, five American muscle cars and one muscle truck. The MotoBuildz aren't exactly models, they're more like those 500-piece landscape puzzles you find at educational toy stores, only with fewer pieces and less frustration.

Complete kit
Here’s a taste of the manufacturer’s somewhat breathless promo puff: “New for 2012, GreenLight introduces MotoBuildz; 3-Dimensional Car Puzzles! Through Motobuildz, GreenLight dives into Do-It-Yourself fun at a beginner skill level. Each all-in-one kit includes high quality detailed sheets of pop-out pieces so no paint, glue or tools are needed.”

Motor included, no batteries needed
Keep the excitement rolling, Greenlight: “Each vehicle kit includes a pullback motor so that, once installed, the fun can continue. This added bonus equals added value for great post-construction action and excitement. The assembled cars are available in a variety of muscle-car models such as a Corvette, Camaro and Mustang, as well as heavy-duty trucks. The vehicles are completed with solid plastic wheels, a mini display box and superior durability.”

Give it a hearty push
Well, we might be a tad cynical here at SMN, but hyperactive blurb apart, these look really interesting items, and a bit of a break from serious modelmaking. And if you have a youngish son or daughter - we’d judge these are good for 7-10 year-olds - then some interaction with your kids can’t be a bad thing. Of course, if there are no kids about, then one of these kits could easily provide a bit of relaxation for us older modelmakers, not least because of the motor, claimed to provide “plenty of juice when given a hearty push.” Now then, howzabout test driving that rather tasty Camaro?

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There's more
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