Thursday, April 5, 2012


SMN report:
Industria Mechanika has just opened the order book on a trio of precisely sculpted scale figures, ‘Deckhands’ for the Ralph McQue Remora anti-gravity floating cargo ship. The excellent Remora was released earlier this year, and it’s good to see the steampunk-inspired fantasy vessel will have a scurvy crew before long.

Original inspirations
A top priority for Michael Fichtenmayer’s Industria Mechanika (IM) models is to: “Produce and promote really cool original model designs” and the deckhands show that aim holds up well. And now the ship’s captain provided with the Remora kit will have some company! Pre-orders for the 1:35 scale deckhands have started, with shipping expected in May. The crew will be joined by a set to 1:24 scale, but that’s for later.

Sasha the Welding Girl
Anyone who has seen the movie Flashdance (enjoy the trailer below if you like girls and rock music) will be able to appreciate the notion of a lady welder, so another Industria Mechanika item could be interesting, and that’s Sasha the Welding Girl. Produced from the sketches of talented artist Jose Alves da Silva, the 1:35 scale figure features 12 components. 

Tools included
Included are the Sasha figure, plus her welding tools and wheeled cart for the gas cylinders. A photo-etch fret, coloured wiring, and metal rod are included. Sasha’s a great looker and she’s coming later this month, with 1:32 scale as an available option. She’ll be joined soon by another da Silva figure, and that’s Barrio Guy, a butch and burly he-man figure, available in 1:35 and 1:24 scales.

It looks like Industria Mechanika’s plan to work with talented designers is a hot date - there’s a river of desirable products flowing this way in 2012.

Visit Industria Mechanika here.