Saturday, May 26, 2012


Target date for this year’s entries in the prestigious Revell Scale Modelbuilding Award competition is August 15, 2012. So if you want your talents recognized, here’s the chance.

Ships old and new (above). Just count those oars! 

Competition entries
Revell has made the Scale 2012 competition wide open for subject matter, so you are free to choose your model kit and how you finish it. Entries do not have to be constructed stock, as the most important assessment criteria are creativity and attractiveness. So that leaves the field clear for everything from a simple but perfectly-constructed ‘from the box’ kit, to a major kit-bash with added genius ideas.

Leonard da Vinci kits are major Revell production items.

The winners
First of all, there’ll be an expert jury review, to pre-select 10 of the best models in each category - adults or teens. These will then be presented to the public at the Leipzig Model-Hobby Fair in October, when visitors to the show will cast their votes to name the outright winner, as well as the runners-up.

Current production racers (above) and a Mini Cooper from the Flower Power era (below).

1:35 scale lineup, with neat engine detail under lift-up panels.

Revell Scale 2012 prizes
The winner bags the Revell Scale Trophy, plus a day-trip to Revell-Germany's HQ, for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on there, which should make a fascinating visit. Further prizes wait for runners-up, plus the teen-winner gets a Revell Certificate and a €200 Euro kit voucher. Actually, just to confuse the issue somewhat, Revell has a special meaning for the word ‘teen’ - it’s really 16 and under. There you go, 17-19 year-olds are honorary adults!

Add captions
You can email or post pictures to arrive no later than August 15, 2012. Don’t forget captions so the judges know exactly what they are looking at - essential info includes scale and title, but do add anything else of interest, such as extra components added, detail options and so on. And don’t forget those all-important contact details!

Twin-props make an interesting counterpoint to the Heinkel He162A jet.

Picture show
Meantime, our pix here reveal Revell models on show earlier this year - there’ll be more to see after the weekend.

Revell kits by the boatload here.