Tuesday, June 5, 2012


SMN Report:
Today is the last day of a long weekend of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. There are plenty more street parties to go, and flags to wave too. But this is a scale model site, so here's a bunch of non-royal miniatures for you to enjoy.

Model days
It's 'Wheels Day' today, and 'Things with Wings' will be flying in tomorrow.

Batmobiles old and new, made to 1:24 and 1:43 scale.

Welly Porsche Boxster to 1:24 scale. Cheap but neat.

Modded Corgi Truck. Flat black, day-glo red, metal extras, 1:50 scale.

Another Corgi, this time a 1:43 scale VW van, decorated with space-hero Dan Dare markings for British comic collectors.

And talking of Britishness, here are three 1950s-era Dinky Toys. Look - no windows!

Here's an elderly Tamiya 1:24 scale Honda City, complete with a Monkey Bike hanging on the back, and an odd choice of camouflage for the paint scheme.

Luscious 1:43 scale Mercury custom, found on a sales stand at a 'Run what you brung' Drag Meet.

Gorgeous old kit, customised they way they ought to be.

1:32 scale with Scalextric, showing that detail with these slot-car machines gets better with every passing year.

Classic Monogram kit - my childhood school bus certainly wasn't like one, more's the pity.