Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Like sci-fi? Like steampunk? Like cars? Like a kit bash? Then here’s an idea for you. It’s a full-size customized show car, the Mini Countryman Steampunk edition from Carlex Design of Poland.

Wide range of ideas
Carlex Design has an international reputation for well-judged mods to existing vehicles. From special leather interiors to wooden steering wheels, BMWs to Lamborghinis - if you have the money, a unique custom car can be yours. Or indeed, you can have a team of cars - Carlex has made a range of football-styled cars to celebrate Poland’s soccer squad in the Euro 2012 competition.

Intricate detailing
In fact, most Carlex projects are fairly middle-of-the-market stuff, so the Mini Countryman Steampunk marks a step up in the creative department. Carlex designers have really gone to town on this one, with the hand-tooled leather and copper interior suiting the fantastical genre very well indeed. They’ve maybe got a bit enthusiastic with the cutaway seats that reveal mysterious parts lurking between your legs, though - all we can say here is: “Yikes, let’s hope there aren’t a bunch of sawtooth gears or probing things that rise up from the depths without warning!” Still, no complaints really, as the whole thing looks ace.

Smart externals
As for the outside, the copper and steel finish looks terrific, and actually sets off the Mini Countryman’s hefty lines extremely well. The blacked out front and rear lights help, too.

Base kit for the conversion
As for making a model of the Carlex Mini Countryman Steampunk, the place to start is the Hasegawa 1:24 scale kit. We ran a story on this neatly produced kit of a very interesting subject in February here, so it’s worth having a look there, via the link below.

1:24 scale Mini Countryman kit is available at a good price here.