Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Talking of yesterday's 1:200 scale miniature figures, we reckon they'd be highly suitable for showing off next to the neat productions from dedicated 1:200 scale outfit, Shed Models from the UK, whose tagline is "The One True Scale". True or not, Shed makes an interesting 1:200 range, including the Bristol Sycamore helo shown above.

Metal miniatures
Shed makes metal kits, not plastic, but the firm covers a wide range of subjects, many of them exotica. Take a look below:

A whiff of nostalgia - ah, the sound of spinning props, the smell of oil drifting in the air!

Raris avis in the form of a Hunting H126, an experimental aircraft that flew in 1963. Just one was built for a series of flights to test a jet-augmented, low-speed flap design.

Nifty group here, including a 10-strong Red Arrows display team flying an unusual type. It's the porky-but-nice Short SC1 experimental VTOL machine from the 1960s.

More, much more, for 1:200 scale fans at Shed Models here.

All sorts of interesting 1:200 scale stuff from mainstream makers here.