Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Here’s another Tamiya kit about to hit the model stores, a beautifully produced 1:72 scale Mitsubishi Zero Type 21 fighter. The kit joins Tamiya’s new War Bird Collection, and it’s really to be welcomed as 1:72 has been looking something of a Cinderella scale in recent years.

Details aplenty
Plenty of detail marks this Zero out from the herd, and of course like other aircraft to this scale, it will sit nicely on a small shelf. The finished model has a length of just 126 mm (4.9 in) and a wingspan of 153 mm (6.02 in). Tamiya’s detail work in the wheel wells, the engine and the cockpit is really quite superb, and could make it well worthwhile revisiting 1:72 for this modelmaker, after having spent so long with the larger 1:48 and 1:32 scales.

Pilot not included
It doesn’t come with a pilot figure, more’s the pity, especially as Tamiya has excellent past form in figure sculpting. But since the cockpit is so well detailed, you probably won’t want a figure in there to detract from the micro-sized flight 'office' environment.

Zeros big and small here - we want the Egg Plane!